The Thin Films Society

The world’s first Thin Films Society (TFS) was inaugurated on Singapore’s National Day (9 August 2009) in Singapore. The TFS is a professional society dedicated to the art and science of thin films and coatings for their myriad applications, established explicitly for the world’s thin films enthusiasts – from academic researchers to industrial practitioners, and from materials/equipment suppliers to product designers. The Society is chartered to facilitate the dissemination and exchange of new knowledge among its members as well as the mutual sharing of its collectively distributed experience. The Society has a huge international network whereby the Regional Vice Presidents are carefully selected from countries or regions in Asia and beyond. These Reginal Vice Presidents have easy access and right channels to reach the thin films and coatings researchers in their respective countries or regions. As such, this international superhighway network guarantees fast and effective dissemination of thin films and coatings related information, equipment information, and testing and measurement information to the right people all over the word.

Though formally established only in 2009, the Thin Films Society is also the de facto host of the highly successful and visible International Conference on the Technological Advances in Thin Films and Surface Coatings. The biannual thin films conference series started in 2002 with about 70 participants and exponentially increased to more than 300 at ThinFilms2004, 500 at ThinFilms2006 and 800 at ThinFilms2008, ThinFilms2010 and ThinFilms2012.

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