Abstract Submission

Submit your abstract from this page in 4 simple steps! The abstract to be submitted should contain text only, without images, attachments and/or executable files.

Please note that the ThinFilms conference does not encourage multiple papers for one registration. Registration will be pegged to a paper ID: one paper per registration. A poster paper receives the same privilege as an oral paper. Of course, a corresponding author can be the same for multiple papers, but each paper should later have a different registered author participating the conference.

Step 1 - Key in authors affiliation

Enter the authors affiliation first (if you have more then one affiliations, use the + button at the end of each row to add on).

Affiliation ID Affiliation (as Department, Institution) Country/Region

Step 2 - Key in authors name

Enter all the paper authors details indicating the affiliation by using the affiliation ID from the table above (to add on or remove authors, click the "+" and "- " buttons at the end of the row).

The corresponding author is the author who has the responsibility to follow up for the different actions needed for the paper. All the email from the conference secretariat will be sent to this author, but all the other authors that have an email address will also receive these emails (CC field) and will be informed in this way of the progress and the result of the submission (if you don't want to receive these emails do not fill the email address field).

Last Name (Family Name) Given Name Affiliation ID Email Address Corresponding Author Presentor

Step 3 - Presentation information

Give details about the intended presentation.

Oral     Poster     This is an invited talk

Step 4 - Submit the form

After submitting the abstract you will receive an automated confirmation email. Keep this email as it will allow you to monitor the progress of the review, and submit the extended abstract.