Submit Manuscript

Submission of your manuscript to ThinFilms2016 is directly to the journal Surface and Coatings Technology (SCT). Submission is open from 18th July 2016 Please download the Cover Letter  and submit it together with your full paper to the SCT website, clicking

The deadline for submitting your manuscript is 18 August 2016.

Manuscripts presented at the ThinFilms2016 and submitted to the journal Surface and Coatings Technology (SCT) will undergo a normal stringent peer review process and selected manuscripts will be published as a special issue in Surface and Coatings Technology with open access for one year.

Please prepare your manuscript according to standard standard Author Guide. Log in the Surface and Coatings Technology's website at and then select "ThinFilms2016" from the drop down menu. Note 1: you need to register a login name first if you don't have it yet for Surface and Coatings Technology. Please make sure that you indicate (1) your abstract ID and (2) approved Symposium Code (may be different from what you submitted. please refer to your acceptance email) and (3)registration/payment information. Manuscripts submitted without those information will not be handled. Note 2: A manuscript for a review paper is not acceptable.

Length requirement of a full paper

For contributed papers, 4 to 5 journal printed pages; for Keynotes and Invited paper: maximum 6 journal printed pages. "Journal Printed Page" does not equal to the "you-printed-page". Please click here for estimation of length of the paper. (An example is given in the excel file; change the blue number results change in the total number of word estimation). Though the estimation is illustrated for Surface and Coatings Technology, roughly this should be okay as a guideline for most journals.