Special Issue of Surface and Coatings Technology for ThinFilms2016 Published

The special issue on 8th International Conference on Technological Advances of Thin Films & Surface Coatings (ThinFilms2016) has been published in volume 320 of Surface and Coatings Technology (Quartile 1 in Materials Science). The issue is available electronically on Science Direct at the following link:


We have made arrangements for all the papers in this issue to be freely downloadable for anyone who can get on internet. The free download starts from 20th May 2017 till 20 May 2018. 

The preparation for ThinFilms2018 in ShenZhen is currently underway, and selected peer-reviewed papers will be published in a special issue of Surface and Coatings Technology under similar arrangement to our ThinFilms2016. For more information on ThinFilms2018, please visit the link below. 


Please kindly make early arrangement to join our ThinFilm2018. Looking forward to seeing you in ShenZhen.