Symposium Scope Symposium Chair
Biological coatings (BCT) Kui Cheng,
Coatings for clean energy (CCE) J. H. Hsieh,
Coating towards industrial applications (CIA) Yanwen Zhou,
Electrochemistry and corrosion of thin films (ECF) Liu Erjia,
Functional thin films for energy photonics (FEP) Xiaowei SUN,
Ion-conducting thin films (ICF) Su Pei-Chen,
Mechanical properties of thin films (MPF) Chen Zhong,
Nanostructured and nanocomposite films and coatings (NNF) Sam Zhang,
View access (NON) Ong ST,
Photocatalytic and self-cleaning coatings (NON) Qi Guojun,
Optoelectronic and dielectric thin films (ODF) Dongping Liu,
Oxide thin films/Nano and Heterostructures (OFN) Gregory GOH Kia Liang,
Organic/polymer thin films (OPF) LI Lin,
Optical thin films (OTF) Jinsong GAO,
Smart Materials and films (SMF) Fu Yongqing,